Format Of Agreement To Sell Property

AND Part 1 recognizes that the amount mentioned by Rs.—————— if the full and final payment in relation to the property in question. The No. 1 party has, vis-à-vis Party No. 2, consider that the housing in question is itself acquired, flat by Part 1 where their heirs succeed, family members or any other person have no rights, title, interests or concerns of any kind, and are, as such, fully competent to conclude this agreement and transfer all rights in favor of Part 2 under the terms agreed between the parties and are mentioned below:- the expert in online wealth law for legal advice and the establishment of legal documents. 10. This Contracting Party No. 1 cannot in the future violate any of the terms of this agreement if it does not have the right to enforce the agreement by a competent court through an action for practical benefit or otherwise at the expense, risks and consequences of Part 1. 5. Part 1 acknowledges liability in the event of charges or the removal of Part 1 allowance, which acknowledges liability for the payment of the amount of the ——————————————— – except interest and damages to Part 2 and, in addition to the repayment of the amount of the ass.——————————————————, paid for the sale under that agreement. Kauf- und Verkaufsvereinbarung von und zwischen ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Während die Parteien sich einvernehmlich darauf einigen: 1. Verkäufer stimmt dem Verkauf zu, und der Käufer erklärt sich bereit, die folgende beschriebene Immobilie zu kaufen: 2. Der Käufer verpflichtet sich, an den Verkäufer zu zahlen und der Verkäufer erklärt sich damit einverstanden, als Gesamtkaufpreis die Summe von “___________” zu akzeptieren, zahlbar wie folgt: WICHTIG: Dies ist nur ein vorgeschlagenes Format der Vereinbarung zum Verkauf, für Ihre spezifischen Anforderungen können Sie uns für die Online-Erstellung auf der Grundlage Ihrer Angaben kontaktieren.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, both parties have signed this contract in the presence of the following witnesses: 3. The seller guarantees that he has a right of property and right to this property, the full power to sell this property and that this property will be sold by the guarantee account, free and free of all the rights of pledge, charges, obligations and claims of any kind and description. 4. This property is sold in the state of “AS IS”, the seller refuses any market guarantee, the suitability or order of work or the condition of the building, except that it is sold in its current state, expects appropriate wear. 5. The parties agree to transfer the property on________________, 20 to the seller`s address. (6) This agreement binds the parties, their successors, the beneficiaries of the assignment and the personal representatives, and to the benefit of this agreement. Signez ce ______day of____________________, 20 ____ ——————————, —————— ——— __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________——————————_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2.

The expression of Part 1 -2, wherever it appears in the text of this agreement, means that it includes its respective heirs, legal representatives, rights holders, administrators, executors and assignees. While party No. 1 is the allottee/owner bonafide, which is in possession of a property with the number———————————