Regional Outcome Agreement

The Lanarkshire Board recognizes the value our organizations and learners have for society. Together, we can grow, prosper and ensure economic success and contribute to the growth of the country and beyond. The learner`s path clearly defines the culture that values and respects diversity, as well as the need to bridge the gap between learners for identified key subjects and related employment sectors. All learners should be provided with the necessary assistance to acquire the skills necessary to support the regional economy, regardless of gender or personal circumstances. This agreement sets out our priorities for the academic year 2018 – 19 and our future priorities. This Young Workforce development plan builds on the results and ambitions of the ROA for 2017-20. The current plan supports the development of high-quality careers and experiences in the area of seniors, cooperation with employers, strengthening the capacity of schools to promote the employability and progress of young people, improving gender balance in certain subjects and respecting the agenda for gender equality. This document covers the five-year AY 2018/19 – 2022/23 and reflects regional commitments as reflected in the Lanarkshire Outcome Agreements (OA). The aim of this agreement is to outline the partnership between New College Lanarkshire and the New College Lanarkshire Students` Association (NCLSA). Both parties want to build on our existing strengths to continue to improve the student experience at university. New College Lanarkshire appreciates the commitment and partnership in collaboration with the Students` Association, class representatives and individual learners who contribute to the life and action of the college. In this way, New College Lanarkshire will support and enable all learners to achieve their goals and exploit their potential.

All employees have a responsibility to cooperate and effectively support learners, including listening and acting on the learner`s voice. (New College Lanarkshire Learner Engagement and Support Strategy 2018-2023) The college has developed an access and integration strategy that takes into account the regional and local context; Predicted population movements Demographics Needs in some areas Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation; The Youth Employment Strategy The Commission for Wider Access and CFS guidelines for developing an access and integration strategy.