Sitefinity License Agreement

(a) This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties on the purpose of this agreement. Telerik only provides you with a copy of the licensed software in electronic form and a license key that allows you to access the software and use it for testing purposes. Additional License refers to all optional complementary licenses (including, but not limited to: Domain Add-ons, Load Balancing, Ecommerce, Mobile, Site Synchronization, Multisite Management, Connector for Salesforce, Connector for Marketo and Connector for SharePoint) that may be available for purchase according to the Sitefinity Edition for which you have been licensed. With your license, you can use the module forever on the registered domain site. You are also entitled to any updates, fixes or improvements I have published. 1.9.2. Product compliance with documentation. We guarantee that the product will comply with all the essential elements of the documentation for six (6) months from delivery (in the case of a product on the site) or for the duration of the license (in the case of a hosted service). Your only remedy and our exclusive liability for breach of this guarantee is that we make reasonable economic efforts to immediately correct non-compliance (provided you notify us in writing within the warranty period and give us a reasonable period of time to heal). If we find it reasonable that a correction is economically or technically unfeasible, we may terminate your license for the product and grant you a full refund of the costs paid to us for the product (in the case of an ongoing product) or a refund of the fees paid in advance for the unused portion of the licence period (in the case of a hosted service). Delivery of additional copies or updates of the product will not be restarted or will otherwise affect the warranty time. 4.2 Resignation.

Telerik may terminate this contract and the test license granted to it if you do not comply with one of the terms of this contract. At the end or expiry of this Agreement, for whatever reason, the trial license granted to you under this Agreement automatically expires and you must immediately stop using the Software and destroy all copies of the Software in your possession. Telerik has the right to terminate this contract and the test license granted to it immediately, unless prohibited by law and without prejudice to Telerik`s other rights or remedies and without limitation of the universality of the above: (i) you violate one of the licence restrictions covered in Section 1.2 of this article, or participate in these conditions. , or you associate it with third parties with unauthorized manufacturing. , participate in the reproduction, reverse engineering or distribution of telerik software (including software) or participate in software-related activities that are prohibited by law; or (ii) you exploit the unauthorized use of telerik software (including software) or violate Telerik`s intellectual property rights.