Turkish Airlines Zed Agreement

The best advantage of working for an airline is the ability for you and your authorized passengers to travel on your company`s unsaleable seats. But what if your airline`s flights are full or if you want to travel to a place where your business doesn`t stop? Introduction: the zonal staff reduction program. This program, more commonly known as the ZED fare, allows airline employees to fly on standby with other airlines around the world. Our code-sharing and interline operations are disrupted by the limitation of operations and the cancellation of flights of our partner airlines. Please travel to your original airline before booking your trip. Contact your airline for information about your ZED agreements. In this sense, I recommend two excellent tools to help plan your itinerary: each airline and each airport treats standby travel a little differently. In some cases, you can check in online or use a kiosk to print a Gate Pass, so you can go through security to the door. In other cases, airlines have a designated check-in desk for “staff missions” to provide child care. FlyZED.info is an excellent resource to learn more about check-in procedures as well as dress code, baggage and upgrade rules for each airline. someone has a refund with Turkish companies I refunded a return ticket and it is now almost 2 months and I have not been refunded. PIA, with its airline partners Interline and Codeshare, offers a greater choice of travel with different routes and ensures our passengers reach their destination with comfort and comfort.

Some agreements allow you to purchase a ZED fare directly in a equipped cabin. Otherwise, if the main cabin is full, but there are seats open in first class or business class, it is usually the discretion of airport staff to sit down, so always be nice! And of course, there is the “unofficial” way to be updated. You should never expect it, but here`s a great article about how to give yourself a chance to fight: the ticketing process depends on your airline and the partnership agreement. In general, the ticketing is electronic and is treated with myidtravel.com or id90travel.com. Once you have purchased a ZED fare, it applies to this route until it is used or refunded. You can change it for free on another flight as long as the itinerary is the same. To refund a ZED fare with MyIDTravel, click on the ticket number on the flight list and then click “Refund.” Depending on the airline, the refund is processed immediately or 1-2 weeks later.