Walmart Retail Link Agreement

However, while retail Link allows wholesalers to access their point-of-sale data, many vendors still spend a lot of time – and therefore dollars – extracting and manipulating data from Excel`s resource, reporting and leaving little time for effective analysis and recommendations. That`s why I recommend and support Krunchbox for suppliers who work with Walmart. Krunchbox is a cloud-based inventory optimization and analysis software developed by wholesalers for wholesalers. It`s incredibly powerful in helping you increase incremental sales, bringing together the right products and stores, and optimizing inventory in your supply chain and Walmart`s supply chain. That`s the key to Walmart`s success. As an exception-based tool, krunchbox filters exceptions in data to highlight each week the most important chances, so you don`t need to search for all the data. Another important feature of krunchbox is the ease with which you can share your analysis with anyone, inside or outside, all via a simple hyperlink. It`s cooperation in action. Krunchbox has delivered amazing dashboards to your inbox for those who need high-level views as soon as weekly data is available to give you a head start on the week. With more than a 30-year retail career, Lesya has worked for a number of global companies, including Reitmans Canada, Walmart, Adidas and, most recently, Big W in various leadership positions in operations, e-commerce, merchandising and buyout, as well as president/CEO. After seeing Krunchbox`s results live through its own supplier partners, she passionately supports suppliers and retailers in the fight against GMROI and reducing working capital.

Lesya, who now runs her own Canadian consulting firm, is pleased with the partnership with Krunchbox. Whether it`s quarterly evaluations, vendor dashboard discussions or line checks, the use of retail link data and the use of performance domains – not just performance improvement – it`s a real collaboration. I saw how many suppliers were willing to discuss and turned the ratings into sales conversations – which is not to a trader`s liking. Knowing your data and domains, presenting them in a simple and factual way, and using simple graphics is the best way to discuss your problems with your dealer. Don`t scatter in the details, but you have the data as backup. As we all know, traders are constantly asked to do more and are thin. The key to supplier collaboration and success is to remove much of the distributor`s burden and conduct your own analysis and make value-added recommendations based on facts, increasing gross margin performance (GMROI) and operating under buy opening restrictions (OTBs). It takes time to build a relationship of trust, but every week and month, finding the top 3 issues that affect the company`s bottom line is a great way to get started. While retail is in the details, the reality is that everyone needs to focus on what gives us the most impact. Retail Link provides the necessary information to suppliers.

I advise you to sign up for a krunchbox demo today. The credit contract number is the last 3-digit number of your 9-digit contract number/contract number. You may have several contract numbers. Be sure to use a contract number that has a service number valid for this item. The service number component of your credit contract number determines the delivery point and return options for the item. Make sure you have already signed a supplier contract with Wal-mart and that you have received a vendor number.