Life Of Tire Service Agreement

Free air – Let in at all times and we will make sure your tires are properly inflated. Free Lifetime Balancing – We keep your original tire and wheel assembly on track. Get our free 30-day warranty without any problems if you buy new tires. It`s pretty simple. If you don`t like your new tires, just come back within 30 days and we`ll sort you out with a new set. b) Evans Tire will balance tires up to 3/32nds for free as long as you own the tires. Owner`s commitment: Proper tire maintenance is required to maintain maximum mileage and tire wear. They have to run every 8000-10,000 km and have their tires inspected. This service is provided free of charge. Owners should also ensure that their vehicle is in the right alignment to avoid abnormal tire wear. Abnormal wear can remove any warranty from the manufacturer. You should also make sure that the tires work with the right cold inflating pressure, as described in the manual or on the invoice. Inflation should be reviewed once a month.

This is provided free of charge by any De Kal Tire store. We`re going to help you. Please come and see us. a) We will replace the tire for free, unless it is established (after review) that the tire can be repaired, Evans Tire will do it for free. When purchasing tires for personal vehicles, we make the following cost management plan available to the buyer and the original vehicle. Excluded are motorhomes and special line applications, z.B. Off-Road and Mud Boggers. The claim for your personal use vehicle can be claimed at any Kal Tire location during normal business hours. The tyres and vehicles that are the subject of the claim, as well as a copy of the customer`s initial customer plan, must be attached to each claim. This guarantee applies to the original buyer mentioned on the invoice. The warranty is taken into account in each store with the presentation of the tire, proof of purchase and warranty. This warranty does not offer repair or replacement of tyres under the following conditions: protection against road hazards: all tyres which, in our opinion, are not repairable due to road damage such as cuts, bruises and breakdowns, will be replaced without compensation by a new comparable tyre within the first 30 days after purchase.

After the first 30 days from the date of purchase, all tires which we believe are not repairable due to traffic damage will be replaced by a comparable new tyre. Tire replacement costs will be proportionate. This percentage is calculated as follows: percentage of the depth of profile used multiplied by the current selling price at the time of return plus compensation. This guarantee covers the replacement of tyres or credit for future products, in part entirely, and is not refunded in cash. We want you to be completely satisfied with our products and services. Free rotations – We rotate the position of your tires every 8,000 km for the life of your tires. If you buy your tires from us, you will also receive our customer service plan. That`s a lot of additional benefits available at each of our 250 sites across Canada. Race wait: If the authorized tires are uniformly on the face of the tread and descend to 2/32 inches before the indicated mileage maintenance, we will replace the tires with new tires comparable to a price indicated.

This is calculated based on the mileage actually obtained, divided by mileage expectancy, and multiplied by the current selling price at the time of return. To protect your warranty, we recommend checking the air pressure at least monthly. The tires must be turned and rebalanced to 5000 miles. The rotation is free with proof of the purchase of tires. Free road hazard protection – If your tires are damaged by a road hazard and cannot be repaired, we replace them.