Computer Repair in Whatcom County

Hi, My name’s Jacob, and I can fix your computer.


Whether you’ve got a problem with your computer, your tablet, your printer, or your smartphone, I can help make it work the way you want it to.

I bring patience, knowledge, and a smile to the computer challenges that irk you, and I’m happy to be as hands-on or hands-off as you please.

I have been fixing people’s computers for over fifteen years. I can work on Windows, Apple, or Linux operating systems, and just about anything that reads binary. Networking solutions, data backup, software installation, hardware changes: I do it all.

For many issues, I am able to give support remotely — I can dial into your computer and can see what seems to be the trouble. For laptop challenges, sometimes dropping it off overnight is the way to go. If the support requires a house call, I can make arrangements to do that too.

To set up a time for me to look at your setup, send me an Email, or Text me, or Give me a Call.

Cell: 503-891-3655

Thanks for visiting my site! Have a great day!