A Little Agreement Wattpad

This time, Jennar was sitting a little on the side to see me completely. His hands were peeled, his eyes were inging and looked at me intently. “You always have reason, you love it.” It`s like I want to kiss Jennar all day. His words are a lighter to my mind. Without him telling me to do it or not, I`m going to keep trying to make him fall in love. Haaai, what`s going on? Sorry for a long time no update! The confused abisnyas want to update what. And I think my productive hours moved in the middle of malem deh, hahaha. By the way, I think this story is coming to an end. Why is it long? I`m sorry for his Azel-Jennar :p if it`s a deal! Thank you also ngikutin this ambiguous story: `) I love you! “Yes, it`s good,” I said gesticulating. “Today`s protests are not as weak as you think. That`s why he doesn`t like to oppress women as they please. I shook Jennar`s hand strong enough for Jennar`s shock.

“What`s wrong with you, Zel?” “Cravings nyekek you if you constantly ask me what I want,” he replied with jutek. I don`t have any more words. Again, my emotional expression is not romantic. Probably as bland as my proposal. I was hoping Jennar would understand. I just hope he knows exactly what I`m saying, that I love him. He laughs, not after Azel. It`s just a little laugh, but I wait all the time because it rarely comes. After that, we all discussed our past.

“What`s wrong with you? The first night didn`t go well? ” , asked Jose with a kepo – visibly raised with both eyebrows, as if a code for me, to tell him. Can I still say that I`m lucky that he prefers it? I sometimes feel like the stupidest woman because my realistic level is above average, so much so that to catch it, I have to think badly. I laughed in response to his sarcastic question. “You`re jealous, pumpkin.” Azel laughed and broke my hair, as if he didn`t care if Kak Rend was in front of us. Azel shot me in the arms. In short, but tight. And I don`t know if Render can hear Azel`s words or not. But of course, I heard very well what he said directly in my ear when he took me in his arms. Since he told me a month ago that he wanted to marry me, he has bought a house on our mutual agreement. “but for info aja anyway, I didn`t ngawinin lo.

I married you this afternoon. “There`s Desy alone at the bar,” he whispers, “but I can remember the diversity in his tone. When questioned in this way, Desy could only shrug his shoulders. “I think I`m going to move here. Nerusin nari here, sometimes my dancer friend invites me to teach at his father`s art school. While watching Jennar`s activities brush his teeth and wash his face, Azel took the call without seeing his calling card. Even if the marriage is based on a contract, I respect it. I don`t think this wedding is a joke. Because, as I said, I always knew what I was doing, even if it was spontaneous. This answer was not only for Jennar, but also for Desy himself. Will they become the third person without realizing it? Was he incarnated between Azel and Jennar? “If we get divorced, where can I get the money, Zel? I`m not the girl who`s going to ask for such a great treasure. If there were two women in Azel`s present in his past and one in the present, which one would choose Azel? “What do you think of the third person?” asked Desy, after being silent all the time. “Really, right? Later, when we are twenty-five and we are both single, I will be married. “I`ll tell you where you are,” Azel said, kissing me directly on the forehead. “Be careful, don`t drink coffee.

If he wants me to be his lawyer, why did he call Azel? How long has Azel been my assistant or spokesperson? Desy and Jennar lifted him up and found Azel standing in a shirt, his arms raised to his elbows and a suit he had held with one hand.