Cb Subscription Agreement

An “order form” refers to order documents for the purchase of services under this subcontracting, including Addenda, which are produced from time to time by the licensee and the licensee and which detail, among other things, services, business groups, usage restrictions, usage restrictions and prices during a subscription period. Order forms are considered to be included by reference in this section. “license,” an ongoing license valid for access or use of services that may include a subscription acquired for one or more users associated with a team license, a test subscription for services related to one or more users of a licensee, or any other valid and authorized right or license, as authorized by the licensee. H. publish any submissions that are defamatory, hurtful, unlawful or other information that the underwriter cannot disclose under the law, contractual obligations or fiduciary relationships (including, but not exclusively, confidential information or protected information obtained from employment or limited by valid confidentiality agreements); or 2.1. Providing services and subscriptions. The licensee makes the services available to the licensee under this contract and/or the order form or other corresponding ordering documents during the duration of the subscription (“subscription duration”). To subscribe to the services, the licensee must accept an order form or other order documentation. The terms of this agreement apply to these order forms and are an integral part of these order forms, indicating the license to be provided and the services to be provided, the duration of the subscription and the costs incurred for the duration of the subscription. Unless an order form signed by both parties expressly indicates something else, this agreement will have control in the event of a conflict between that agreement and an order form. The execution of the order form and/or the presentation of the payment under this Agreement constitutes the acceptance and agreement of the licensee to subscribe to the Services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

The licensee expressly opposes additional or derogatory conditions, including, but not limited, conditions that are added or attached to the taker`s agreement or order form, unless both parties have agreed in writing. The person executing this contract and/or the order form corresponding to the name of the licensee assures and guarantees that he will do so with the power to engage him by the execution and presentation of such documents.