Land Agreement Registration

Registered securities relating to other land interests are subject to appropriate rules. Section 31. Once the registration effect has passed, the clerk removes the basic tax from its sole origin. A fee is levied for registration, registration or scoring in the Mortage Register of the eventful property. The department can set other rules regarding the amount of fees and how they are recovered. The Register of Mortgaged Moveable Property removes from its saproprie the registration of a profit annex after the expiry of the entry period. Records for non-enforcement decisions are deleted three years after the execution procedure is implemented. The department may make provisions in the cancellation date regulations. When a ground document contains information that does not match that contained in the land registry, it must be included in the certificate. The provisions of paragraph 1 do not apply if the law is re-registered before the deadline expires. A new time frame of the same length as the first applies to this one and to any subsequent recording calculated from the last record. Notwithstanding the provision of the first sentence of the second paragraph, a basic tax that is no longer to be charged as a result of the forced sale or sale under section 117 bis of the Bankruptcy Act is removed when a declaration of ownership is recorded indicating that the basic tax is no longer linked. A mortgage cancelled because of the mandatory composition with creditors is removed from the register, regardless of the provision of the second paragraph, the first sentence, if a confirmation decision is registered in accordance with section 52 of the Bankruptcy Act, see Section 53, which is after proof of the extinguishment of the tax.

Section 7. Documents submitted for registration are recorded in the registration logs as soon as possible, depending on the date they were received, and are considered registered from that date (log registration date). However, documents received after one hour of the day set by the department are recorded in the review the next day. Section 16. If the issuer`s authority is insufficient, the Clerk may, instead of refusing to register the document, set a time limit for correcting defects if he has reason to believe that it will be done within a reasonable time.