Microsoft Spla Agreement Number

This two-page reference card helps partners quickly understand the target groups and models available with the Service Provider License Agreement. Learn more about the main benefits of each comparative agreement scenario. You can access: Each processor/basic license allows an unlimited number of users to access the product installed on that processor. Microsoft Corp`s contract must be approved within two weeks. Microsoft and LOL Cloud will send a welcome email containing details of your new SPLA agreement. The signed and approved physical contract is also sent directly by Microsoft. LOL Cloud sends the signed sub-contract. The SPLA program allows you to license Microsoft software products for software services. Software services are services that you provide to your customers and that display, execute, access or interact with Microsoft products. They offer these services from one or more data centers via the Internet, a telephone network or a private network on a rental, subscription or service basis. The SPLA offers temporary licenses or subscriptions that can be used for the duration of the agreement. Two models are available to provide licensed Microsoft products to your customers: with a usage-based monthly licensing structure, you only pay for what you authorized to your customers the previous month.

This gives you the ability to reduce the number of licenses (true-down) each month. Licenses are declared in accordance with the rights of Microsoft Services Provider (SPUR) users. Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is a licensing program that provides hosting to service providers and ISVs to rent or lease monthly licenses for Microsoft products and provide hosting services and applications for the end customer. Взаимодейтвие : Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Lync Server. Совместная работа : Microsoft SharePoint Server. Бизнес-приложения : Microsoft Dynamics CRM.