Collaboration Agreement

In contrast, a service contract is a formal administrative agreement between the contracting parties. Since you cannot enter into a contract with yourself, agreements between federal authorities (which are part of the same corporation, the Government of Canada) are administratively binding and are not legally enforceable. Assistant Directors typically sign service agreements on behalf of their department and are ultimately responsible for fulfilling the commitments set out in the service agreement. It is strongly recommended that departments involve their legal services in the development and revision of service contracts. An important general message is that it is important to define the basic rules, but not to complicate the agreements. It is also important that an agreement be reached from the outset to terminate these agreements if circumstances change and the agreement is no longer viable. The principle behind CA`s partnership is to cooperate closely, where possible, while ensuring that the specificities of each organization are preserved. They identify areas of common interest, such as product development or publications, to support members of the four bodies, as well as initiatives specific to each organisation. In many cases, particularly in cases where these are complex service delivery environments, the parties formally demonstrate their understanding of the proposed service relationship before continuing the discussion on detailed governance, operation and implementation agreements. In some cases, an options analysis and/or feasibility study would be required before further discussions on the management and operation of the agreement could be pursued. In case of doubt, charities or trustees should turn to the Commission for advice. Directors should ensure that they properly fulfil their duty of care when drawing up cooperation agreements. .

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